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Autonomic Testing

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What is Pulse4Pulse's Advanced Cardiac Technology?

Our top-notch medical device uses algorithms during our various cardiac testing protocols, including:

  • Autonomic Testing
  • Sudomotor Testing
  • ABI Testing

These algorithms are used to report helpful data that gives us insights as to the state of our patient's cardiovascular system. Our goal is to identify chronic illness before costly and invasive interventions are required and to set a benchmark of cardiovascular health for our weight loss patients.

Pulse reading following a set of Pulse4Pulse autonomic testing
A nurse reviewing Pulse4Pulse Sudomotor testing results

Cardiac Testing With a Purpose at AgeRejuvenation

Our advanced Sudomotor, ABI, and Autonomic testing methods go hand-in-hand with benchmarking and detecting changes in underlying conditions. Improvements in cardiovascular health are directly tied to positive changes in symptoms like erectile dysfunction and weight-loss. By using Pulse4Pulse cardiac testing, we can detect asymptomatic diseases earlier on, and provide actionable steps for improvement.

Cardiac Testing & Erectile Dysfunction

Both erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease have one commonality: blood flow. When plaque build-up occurs in the arteries, blood flow is inhibited.

When undergoing our cardiac protocol, we identify underlying conditions, like erectile dysfunction, that could be linked to the state of your cardiovascular health.

Patient hearing the results of their ABI testing

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